Welcome to Nashville Motorcycle Collective - a community motorcycle shop. NMC is a shop where you can rent your own bay to build, repair, and store your bike. Need some help? Ask another member. Rebuild your vintage bike, maintain your daily rider, or just hang out and talk about bikes.


Single Bay

You can rent a 4'x10' bay for $75/month. Your membership includes 24 hour keyed access to a climate-controlled, security monitored facility. Community tools include a parts washer, blasting cabinet, and paint booth. You also have access to a community lift on a first-come, first-served basis.


Double Bay

With a Double Bay you pick up enough room to store at least two bikes, more tools, and your gear. For $130/month you get an 8'x10' bay and all of the services outlined under Single Bay plus fridge space.


Mega Bay

With your own full-sized bay you'll never have to worry about putting things away or rolling your bike back to its parking space. For $195/month you get a 10'x12' space where you can store your own lift, tools, gear, and as many bikes as you can fit.